Caring for the AIDS affected child.

21 Ministry CarePoints, 850+ children cared for.

21 Ministry CarePoints, 850+ children cared for.

10 years serving Africa and we've only just begun! - What We've Accomplished

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

There are many ways which you can help care for AIDS affected children. Find out how!

Caring for the AIDS affected child....

Caring for the AIDS affected child....

...requires a holistic and innovative approach that addresses the spiritual, physical, educational, and social needs of the child and their community.

Get Involved

We need your prayers, your support, your hands! There are so many ways you can help care for HIV and AIDS affected children. Find out how

Our Approach

Caring for AIDS affected children requires a holistic approach that addresses spiritual, physical, social, and educational needs. Find out more

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From prevention and education to restoring dignity and hope, our Ministries are reaching thousands of the AIDS affected. View ministries

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Your contribution to Christ's Hope International allows us to reach thousands of children and adults affected by the devastating AIDS crisis in Africa. Donate now

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Quick Facts: Becca Ministry CarePoint, Kenya - Located about one hour's drive from the Christ's Hope office in Kisumu - Serves 53 children in Ombeyi, at the Kiliti Primary School - Staff: Elijah Olweny, George Obwanga, Millicent Otieno, Valyne Kungu and Samuel Wandoyi Will you join us in praying for the Becca Ministry CarePoint, asking that all of the children will know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and that they will be cycle breakers?
We give thanks to the Lord for His gracious provision in so many ways to launch The ROCK CITY Ministry CarePoint in Mwanza, Tanzania. The team is awesome, the children tear-jerking and the need overwhelming. Pray for the team as they seek the 50 most needy children in a neighbourhood where every second home seems to have a deserving child. The team are deliberating, after home visits, which children qualify to be registered.
**PRAYER REQUEST UPDATE** Please join us on Thursday, August 25th, as we set aside a day to pray and fast for the missing Christ's Hope child in Oshikuku, Namibia. She has been missing since Sunday, July 31st. Her photo has been shared on television with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, and was shown in three newspapers on August 11th. We are also waiting to hear more news about where the last phone number from her mobile phone was made from.
Watch and learn more about Genesis Design, a key part of the ministry of Christ's Hope. The emphasis of this program is on sexual purity that comes from abstinence before marriage and faithfulness in marriage. It is an outstanding AIDS prevention tool and gives youth a strong moral foundation on which to base their choices.
**URGENT PRAYER REQUEST UPDATE** Please continue praying for the missing Christ's Hope child in Oshikuku, Namibia. She has been missing since Sunday, July 31st. The last phone number contacted from her mobile phone has been tracked, and the police are now trying to locate what area that phone number is from. Please pray that she is returned safely, and for her mother. Thank you!

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